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Our Products

Super Q Ijebu Garri is a fine, dry, crunchy, a bit coarse flour of different texture made from the finest white cassava tubers. Of top quality and processed under the highest hygienic conditions.  Its colour is usually lighter and crunchier than the regular Ijebugarri
Nutritional benefit of Super Q Garri
High in FIBER content
Rich in Carbohydrate and supplies the body with a lot of energy
Very rich in starch
Very low in fat content
Contains Vitamin A and other Vitamins and Minerals
A reasonable amount of vitamin B, thiamin, riboflavin, pantothenic acid, folates and pyridoxine as well as minerals like manganese, iron, and zinc.
Copper and Mqgnsium
Eba made from garri is a very healthy and popular Nigerian swallow which is best served and eaten with Egusi soup, Eforiro, Edikaikan, Okro soup, ogbono soup or any soup of your choice to give a balanced diet.
Garri when prepared with boiled water it is called Eba..
Our fine Super Q Garri can also be taken as a cold refreshing snack when soaked with very cold water on the rocks with roasted ground nuts especially on a hot day.

Ready to fry Puff Puff Mix is an African snack that is deep fried in hot oil and quiet similar to dough nut Also known as Bofrot in Ghana.

Yam Flour (Amala) is made from dried yam milled into flour and commonly consumed by the yoruba’s in the western part of Nigeria. Its best served with stew, Ewedu (jute) and Gbegiri (beans soup), can also be eaten with Eforiro or Egusi soup.

Palm Oil (Epo pupa)