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About Us

Tiffany Michelles Multi Enterprises is an indigenous food processing and packaging company located in the heart of Ikeja, Lagos state.

We process various agricultural commodities from the farm to packaged consumables under strict hygienic conditions and environment and easy to prepare. These products include our Super Q IjebuGarri,Plantain flour, Yam flour, Puff Puff mix (ready to fry), Fufu flour, wheat and Palm oil

Our strategy is to focus exclusively on our core competence which is processing and packaging of agricultural produce; principally Garri, Plantain flour, Fufu, Wheat ,Yam flour and Palm while targeting the top end of local and international markets.With this, we are successfully creating a reliable, efficient and growing physical agricultural trading house, with a wealth of knowledge and experience in-house; including farmers, logistical experts, farm-gate buyers, international traders and internationally knowledgeable back-office team to handle our clients’ interests from point of order to successful deliveries.

Our mission
To provide the highest quality Nigerian food at a reasonable/ affordable cost across Nigeria and beyond

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